Homeowners’ associations or neighborhood associations

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From enquiries to preventive advice, friendly negotiations or judicial proceedings.

We provide advice to the board of managers of homeowners’ associations in order to solve all kinds of legal problems. We also provide legal advice to property managers in all the possible problems regarding the neighborhood associations they manage, as well as assistance in the compliance of their task.

Our services

  • Legal advice to boards of managers of homeowners’ associations in every affair regarding the association itself.
  • Legal advice to property managers in every affair related to the homeowner’s associations and the compliance of their task.
  • Homeowners meetings preparation and conduct.
  • Condominium-related procedures.
  • Property manager designation, dismissal and termination.
  • Property forced administration and enforcement.
  • Contestation d'accords.
  • Mediation between owners and building companies to amend deficiencies.
  • Homeowners’ associations legal defense.
  • In case of insolvency of a neighbor or a homeowner, monitoring and claim of the unpaid amount both judicially and extra-judicially.
  • In case of accidents covered by the association’s insurance, we monitor the procedures from the beginning to the payment of the compensation by the insurance company, if applicable.
  • Various claims and complaints.
  • Deposit agreements.
  • Option to purchase agreements.
  • Rental agreements.
  • Homeowners’ meetings assistance.