Privacy policy

Virtus Advocats (TAX&LEGAL CONSULTING, Ltd.) has developed the website with the objective of complementing their services as a professional office. The following statement constitutes our privacy policy.

You shall find the measures we take to respect the website visitors’ privacy below. Virtus Advocats takes transparent measures designed for protecting the privacy of all users. We believe that the free flow of information contributes to the common good as long as it is gathered and used responsibly. Should you have any doubts or consider there is something that has not been included in our privacy policy, please contact us.

Data collection, usage and divulgation and user’s decision

No registry is needed for using our website. We do not request any personal information from our visitors, except regarding the use ofcookiesdescribed below and which is within certain defined limits. We do request registry in some sections for certain usages or services. In these cases, Virtus Advocats may contact registered users in order to invite them to attend special occurrences, provide them with information about our services, publications or products, or for other commercial purposes. Data collected during the user’s registration which is sent through the Internet is protected by technology meeting usual standards. For example, the user might be interested in registering for one of the following purposes:


Virtus Advocats provides an email or RSS service focused on sending their subscribers up-to-date information about new contents on the web. Should you decide to subscribe, we will request your basic contact information, such as your name and email address.

Do you want to work with us?

You can register on Virtus Advocats’ website if you want to work with us or send us your application. For further information about the recruitment process and the required data, please visit the “Do you want to work with us?” section.

Registry for receiving relevant publications

Occasionally, Virtus Advocats asks for registration to send relevant publications. The user will be requested to provide personal information through registration forms. This information may vary. Virtus Advocats retains the right to provide certain materials only to users giving this information.

Online service

If you are a client or a contributor and have private access, the acknowledgement of the privacy policy of this service is recommended.

Sensitive personal data

Virtus Advocats will never request deliberately any sensitive personal data through this website unless it is legally binding, such as the case of recruitment processes. Sensitive personal data includes race or ethnicity, political belief, religious or other kinds of beliefs, trade union membership, physical and mental health, sex life, criminal records and, in some cases, social security number and financial information. Virtus Advocats protects the confidentiality and safety of this kind of information obtained during the business activity. Access to such information is limited and measures to prevent any risks of loss, misuse or improper disclosure have been taken by means of proper procedures and policies.

Personal data amendment and rectification

The only purpose of preserving information given by the visitors of the website is to provide the requested service. Once the service is concluded, all the information will be destroyed according to Virtus Advocats’ data retention policies. Contact us if you want your data to be updated, rectified or removed from our files.

Links to third-party websites

Occasionally, contains links to other websites in which our privacy policy is null and void. Our visitors might be redirected to third party websites in order to provide further information. Such is the case of our publications, events, content sponsorship, suppliers’ services, Government entities, non-profit organizations, and social networking. Virtus Advocats takes no responsibility nor does it guarantee the way users’ personal data is stored or used in third party servers. We recommend looking over privacy policies on each website linked in so as to determine the usage of personal data.


This policy does not apply to minors. We understand the importance of protecting information concerning minors, especially in the Internet, and we never request or keep any information about minors deliberately.

Amendments to our privacy policy

Virtus Advocats retains the right to modify this privacy policy if necessary. In this case, consider that the new privacy policy comes into effect upon the expiry of a 30-day period. Should you wish to keep informed about any amendments to our privacy policy, kindly check this page regularly.


Virtus Advocats provides their users with the possibility to control everything related to the collection and usage of their personal data. Should you have registered through for any of Virtus Advocats’ updates and no longer wish to receive any communications, we should be grateful if you visited the cancellation page on the aforementioned subscription, which can be found in the same registry application.


For more information on the range of this privacy policy, please visit our disclaimer.