About us

VIRTUS wants to walk you through the development of your challenges by what we call Driving Projects, with the objective of adding value and reinforcing your competitivity. This is the reason why we have formed a multi-disciplinary team in order to offer the best comprehensive service.

We renew and merge two projects advising businesses and individuals in Andorra and Barcelona, and we keep our distinguishing mark: proximity and involvement in every project, having recognition for our expertise in legal advice in labor affairs for workers and businesses, as well as legal immigration counsel.

This is a global firm in Andorra and Barcelona, aimed at caring for the increasing number of Andorran and Spanish individuals and companies conducting business in both countries, frequently as a first step to the internationalization of their activities. They have been asking us for a thorough knowledge about regulations in both countries guaranteeing the correct planning and management of their business projects.

The world in which we live evolves by leaps and bounds, and we have to be able to adapt and to take advice from appropriate professionals that have the necessary tools for it, such as ours. We have to know how to adapt: a change is not a threat, but an opportunity.

We have added the latest technologies to our services in order to automate processes and make communication and issue management easier and safer to our clients, keeping our usual closeness and personalization.

You will find us at 18, Bonaventura Riberaygua street, Fl 1 Rm 1 a Andorra la Vella.

Virtus would like to share this project with you. We invite you to contact us for looking after your concerns, by phone, (+376) 70 70 10 or email, virtus@virtusadvocats.com


Meritxell Alarcón

Meritxell Alarcón

Managing Partner and Founder of Virtus Advocats

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