Litigation department: labor, civil, business and tax law Lawyers for protecting and defending your rights

What can we do for you?

We provide solutions in case of conflict-ridden situations and assistance in pre-litigation, arbitration or litigation procedures processing. We specialize in labor, civil, business and tax law affairs; therefore, our professionals are the best for protecting and defending the rights of our clients.

Our services

  • Pre-litigation field: Before the bringing legal proceedings, we advise our clients about the viability of their claims by issuing reports and providing legal opinions about potentially litigious labor, civil, business and tax affairs. We also undertake preventive analyses to identify and avoid possible legal risks.
  • Litigation proceedings: We represent our clients in legal proceedings related to labor law, civil law, corporate and manager litigations, enforcements, civil and commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, competition law, as well as family and inheritance proceedings.
  • Tax litigation proceedings: In case of disagreement with the tax administration’s criteria in terms of inspection, liquidation or asset verification procedures, or regarding disciplinary procedures, we issue the corresponding administrative litigation and an appropriate prosecutorial strategy for the claims and complaints against the Government Administration.
  • Bankruptcy affairs: We have significant experience in managing situations of business difficulties, both in prebankruptcy situations and suspension of payments or receivership procedures. We provide our services in renegotiating liabilities and building business viability plans.