Business and corporate law

Legal and tax security and safety on every economic operation are key elements for competitivity and add value to businesses

What can we do for you?

Legal security is essential in the economic activity. Unfortunately, our legal and tax system does not always give a clear and only answer when it comes to the development of economic operations. This requires an appropriate advice for planning all the activities.

At the same time, a proper corporate operation guarantees the rights of shareholders and third parties related to the company.

Our services

  • Foreign investment application.
  • By-law drafting.
  • Forming companies.
  • By-law drafting.
  • Corporate minute drafting.
  • Business opening and modification procedures.
  • Trademark registration.
  • Dissolution, liquidation and termination of companies.
  • Registration in the Tax Agency register.
  • Acquisition of the Andorran NRT (tax identification number) of the company.
  • Application for certified activity practice authorization.
  • Acquisition and legalization of corporate minute books and shareholders registers.
  • Business termination.