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Legal advice in labor affairs to businesses, institutions and workers, in the collective and particular spheres.


We want you to spend your time and efforts on your main business activity having peace of mind knowing your labor management is effectively cared for and covered by a team of professionals working for you. Delegate your labor management to us and we will manage every need you have in terms of labor relations, perfectly applying ongoing legal obligations and by means of a service of reliable, close and specialized employment attorneys.


Over the course of a lifetime, there are many situations that might require the advice of a good labor attorney. At Virtus we can let you know your labor rights.

Our services

Business services

  • Global legal advice in labor affairs.
  • Labor auditing.
  • Writing of all kinds of employment contracts and novation contracts, according to the needs, operating procedures and structure of each business, with particular emphasis on exclusivity, non-competition and non-disclosure agreements.
  • Geographical and functional mobility matters, as well as other substantial changes on working conditio
  • Employees’ working hours, vacations, misconducts and punishments.
  • Termination of the employment relationship at the request of the company and legal defense in those legal procedures that could be brought before the courts.
  • Recruitment and contract terminations of senior officers, analyzing every possible deal, as well as redundancy pay and non-competition clauses, in accordance with the interest of the company, the law and the market environment.
  • Recruitment of foreign workers.
  • Management of strikes and other collective conflicts.
  • Representation of the company before labor unions.
  • Business transfer/succession.
  • Arbitration and extrajudicial conflict resolution.
  • Assistance before the Andorran labor inspectorate.
  • Advice in Social Security contributions.
  • Social Security debt liquidation.
  • Judiciary appeals.
  • Assessorament sobre els règims de Seguretat Social aplicables a les diverses situacions que puguin donar-se en el si de l’empresa.
  • Advice in Social Security regulations applicable to any possible situations in the company itself.
  • Pay slip preparation.
  • Pay slip preparation.
  • Certificates of provided service.
  • Certificates of provided service.
  • Administrative procedures for obtaining the digital certificate.
  • Declarations and payments of the Andorran Social Security (CASS) contributions.
  • Registration, deregistration and other amendments of companies and employees.

Services for workers

  • Research and delivery of regulatory arrangements.
  • Pay slip review and evaluation.
  • Inspection of rights.
  • Vacations and permissions.
  • Contesting labor sanctions.
  • Legal advice in case of mobbing.
  • Worker’s defense and representation in individual conflicts with the company during the employment relationship or after its termination.
  • Legal assistance in both judicial and administrative procedures in case of dismissal.
  • Claims for payments.