Tax law

A good tax management is crucial to the competitivity of businesses

What can we do for you?

We provide advice so that tax obligations are properly complied with, by means of an accurate analysis of the operations taxation, optimizing its cost and always having in mind the latest application criteria. We see taxation as something dynamic requiring a periodic adaptation.

Our services

  • Taxation of societies:Corporation tax depends on the accounting of operations, the preparation of annual accounts and the corresponding adjustments. Operations may offer various alternatives with different tax incidences; therefore, the proper accounting of operations and appropriate adjustments shall be the basis of complying with tax obligations and avoiding excessive taxations.


  • Due Diligence:We perform tax audits for verifying a proper compliance with tax obligations and company acquisition processes or reorganization operations, in order to provide safety to every operation.


  • International taxation:We provide advice to our clients in terms of international taxation as well as support in their international investments with the objective to offer a global taxation advice. We also advise individuals and entities paying taxes as non-residents, in full coordination with the origin taxing, either for business activities outside the country, relocated workers or investments abroad. Internationalizing our economy implies considering the fact of paying taxes for operations in other jurisdictions, double taxation agreements (DTA) and regulations for non-residents. This requires a proper tax planning that must be added to external operations. The considerable amount of commercial transactions and services provided by foreign individuals and companies in Spain determines the significance of this tax:
    • Taxed income
    • Withholder status
    • Existence of a permanent establishment
    • Tax representative

    We have an office in Barcelona for attending to investments in both countries.