Cookie policy

Virtus Advocats’ website and any of its sections might use cookies. Cookies are a technological means for a website to store information evidences (known as “identifiers”) from your browser when you access the website and while you remain in it. Cookies are not used for determining the personal identity of the visitors in They are intended for identifying patterns in the traffic, as well as the preferred user location and the language used, so that they are redirected to the correct main page when they visit, To help us identify users in the trunk and determine a user's preferred location and idiom used, we need to add it to the correct home page when visiting.

They also have other uses. In the Thought Center Webcast section, they are used to provide access to subscribers who have activated the automatic login option during registration.  They are also used to prevent participants in a poll from voting more than once. If you don't want to receive a Cookies are also used for other purposes. In the Thought Center Webcast section, they provide access to registered subscribers willing to log in automatically. Cookies are utilized for avoiding the participants in a survey to vote more than once. Should you wish to not to receive any cookies from or Thought Center Webcast, you may change your browser settings in order to receive a notification every time you receive a cookie and decide if you accept it or not. However, please have in mind that if cookies are disabled on your browser, you shall not be able to access normally some options in the Thought Center Webcast section, such as automatic login and other custom options.

Web Beacons. De vegades Sometimes is mentioned in external websites. As part of our efforts to measure the success of our publications, we use a technology called web beacons o action tagsthat acts as a visitor counter for from a banner in an external website. This technology is never used to access personal data, as its only purpose is to gather statistical data about the visitors to our website.